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Project Description

Company: Space NK

Christmas at Space NK

Christmas was one of the busiest times at Space NK with all the extra communications and offers. These included conceptualising the Christmas strap line, festive season event copy, GWP Christmas box offer, social media campaigns as well as extra emails and rotating home pages for the run up to Christmas.

But the biggest task was writing a 72-page Christmas catalogue for the UK and a separate Holiday Book for the US, both of which featured different skus. In order to stay on top of this project, I created Excel spreadsheets to ensure each product featured had the correct contents, sku code and price.

Christmas 2015
Shadow and Shimmer

With ombre (the gradual fading of colour) being one of beauty’s main trends during 2015, the brief was to come up with a Christmas strap line that reflected this trend and hinted at the darker side that exists within us all. Something that captured “from the light into the darkness”, but something that was a little magical, too.

I came up with the tag line: Shadow and Shimmer, which fit the brief as well as the beauty industry: 
(eye shadow and highlighter).

For Space NK’s annual press event, I came up with the strap line, “libertine or luminary?” People could have their photos taken standing in front of the angel wings, then upload the image with the hashtag: #ShadowandShimmer

Christmas 2014
Wish Upon A Star

Christmas Catalogue Cover

Christmas Gift Bag Event Copy

Christmas 2013
All That Glitters

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