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Project Description

Company: Burberry

Name Generation and Concept Copy

During my time at Burberry, name generation and concept copy was one of my primary responsibilities.

Festive Makeup Collection 2014

The brief was to come up with a name to embody the festive makeup collection for 2014. As the brand draws its main inspiration from the British weather, and the Burberry look is always natural and fresh, I conceptualised the name: Winter Glow.

Concept Copy

Introducing Winter Glow, the new festive makeup collection from Burberry. Effortlessly glamorous, the look is inspired by Burberry ready-to-wear in beige gold and rich oxblood shades. Skin is naturally glowing and illuminated with Luminising Powder in Gold Glow, infused with the new My Burberry fragrance. Moving effortlessly from day to night, eyes are enhanced with warm brown, copper and golden hues from the new Complete Eye Palette. Lips and nails can be accentuated alternately with the strong oxblood and warm beige gold of the collection. The look is both natural and glamorous,
and unmistakably Burberry.

Burberry Skincare Manifesto

The inspiration, vision and mission of the new Burberry skincare range


Since Thomas Burberry invented gabardine in 1879, protection has been at the heart of the Burberry story.
The weatherproof fabric revolutionised outerwear and was used to create clothing for the military and explorers around the globe. Burberry gabardine continues to defend against the extremes of the weather to this day, as the timeless and iconic trench coat, and it is this heritage of innovation and protection that has inspired Burberry Skincare.

Biological ageing only contributes marginally to the way our skin ages. Skin ageing is largely determined by our environment – sun, cold, pollution and air conditioning – together with lifestyle factors such as emotional stress, hormonal fluctuations and fatigue. Therefore, to keep skin looking healthy and youthful, protection is essential.

Burberry Skincare has been specifically formulated to protect against environmental aggressors and compensate for today’s modern lifestyles. Working gently yet effectively, our formulas preserve the skin’s natural balance and resilience, without altering or overworking its biological functions. This enhances the skin’s ability to renew and heal itself, revealing a healthier, more youthful-looking and radiant skin.


Burberry has always been at the forefront of discovery, inventing new fabrics such as the tightly-woven and protective gabardine. The breathable fabric was made using an innovative process where the yarn was waterproofed before weaving, making it not only light and water-resistant, but also extremely durable. Burberry supplied clothing and tents to Roald Armundson and his team, the first to reach the South Pole, while Sir Ernest Shackleton wore Burberry gabardine on his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. Piloting in an exposed cockpit for 72 hours, Captain John Alcock and Lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown wore Burberry aviator suits to complete the first non-stop transatlantic flight.

Exploring new terrains, new worlds and new adventures, the Burberry brand is driven by innovation and discovery. Our skincare has the same ambition, constantly advancing with new discoveries and ideas, reinforced by quality and guaranteed results. Our next-generation formulas embrace the power of natural botanicals with the latest innovations. The signature Burberry 3D complex uses scientifically advanced botanical actives to strengthen three of the skin’s key youth-attributing aspects: its surface quality, pigment dispersion, and resilience. This enhances the way light reflects off the skin, creating a youthful ‘tri-dimensional’ glow.

British Nature

Thomas Burberry, who founded the brand in 1856, was a firm believer in the great outdoors and the health benefits of fresh air and nature. By 1870, Burberry became renown for its outdoor wear by local residents and visiting sportsmen who frequented the store. Drawing on this outdoor heritage, Burberry Skincare embraces the open-air spirit by promoting a naturally healthy complexion, like after taking a walk in the English countryside.

Inspired by the English Garden, our signature 3D complex combines potent floral extracts with pigment-balancing and skin-revitalising actives in an apple-water base, chosen for its close affinity to the skin. Used on a daily basis, our formulations help to protect against moisture loss, stress, fatigue, and external aggressors, providing skin with an instant, dewy radiance. Season after season, skin regains a petal-like texture, tone and structure for long-term, youth-enhancing results.


Just as the iconic Burberry trench coat travels through time zones and weather conditions, Burberry Skincare has been developed to suit all skin types and tones and triumph through the seasons. Globally versatile, formulas are lightweight and comfortable on the skin, and fiercely resilient in any condition. And just like the iconic trench, our skincare can be worn by old and young, and effortlessly personalised and styled to suit the individual. To help your skin adjust to changing environmental or lifestyle needs, our Precious Drop Concentrates lets you create a bespoke solution.


Thomas Burberry set out to create fabrics that protect from the elements while still allowing the skin to breath, making garments infinitely more comfortable. Burberry Skincare follows suit with formulas that are lightweight, protective, and comfortable to wear. They melt into the skin, enveloping the complexion in an invisible and weightless protective veil that shields skin from the elements. Taking inspiration from the softest Scottish-spun cashmere of our scarves and the whisper-light silk from the Prorsum runway, textures are supremely sensorial, making Burberry Skincare products a pleasure to use and effortless to wear.


Our simple and dependable routines and multi-functional formulas ensure that the Burberry daily beauty regimen is both effortless and pleasurable. Always respectful, our formulas infuse the skin with the optimum amount of vital water, essential nutrients and free-radical scavengers to effectively protect against ageing. The skin’s natural biological balance is further respected by using the safest, most stable and natural ingredients possible.

The cleansing range gently yet thoroughly eliminates impurities, toxins and traces of pollution, while maintaining the skin’s fragile water and lipid balance. Our next-generation serum and creams combine the power of our signature complex with other potent active ingredients within a high skin-affinity base. Working effectively together, these ingredients provide the complexion with an instant radiant glow, while over time, they return skin to a more youthful-looking state.

Our formulations have been developed to work in synergy with our makeup range. Rather than striving for perfection, we maximise potential, celebrate individuality, and embrace the ever-changing day. Our skincare formulas feature light-reflecting optical particles for an instantly more radiant skin. Layered together with our illuminating makeup formulas, the results are amplified to reveal the signature Burberry glow
– a dewy, healthy-looking complexion that radiates from within.